You may know already from my passion for holistic wellness or my previous podcast That Mom Life the candid conversations on the hard stuff with having kids that I am obsessed with empowered living in our highest alignment. 

I lean into the rhythm of the seasons, stars and now the conversation has evolved to all things human design... our unique energy expression or soul’s blueprint.  

Learning human design has been the conduit for a spiritual awakening.  

You may recall that I learn from BURNOUT...
it usually takes exhaustion and physical symptoms for me to let go of vibrational energies that are no longer a match.  
Human design invited me to pay attention and get back on track with the business of my soul’s highest evolution.
Human design allows us to see ourselves and others with 20/20 vision (instead of fuzzy assumptions) and to see the places where we’re likely to be conditioned by the world around u, rather than showing up as our most authentic selves.
As you might have gathered by now, I like to go deep long form fast with another soul on the journey.. 
Sharing what your design reveals and intuitive led insights is what lights me up.. 
I am working on being seen for my magic and one of a kind gifts. I could talk about human design for hours. 
I get happy when witnessing another realizing their one of kindness and feel wildy giddy about it. 

My secret to “success” or living in joyful abundant alignment rather is taking exceptional care of yourself.

And what this means to me is likely very different for you!
That is the beauty of celebrating our individuality.Curious to know what your chart says about sleep and your highly sensitive intuitive side?
Or if you are someone who needs more alone time than feeding off others? I WAS.
These insights are the juicy validating information.

Yep, you might have guessed if you know me at all, I don’t do most social gatherings and certainly feel least like myself during small superficial talk. 
Most social interactions just drain my energy.  
On the other hand, I am in my PURE bliss at home, studying/learning and sharing when the mood is just right.  
I decompress in the kitchen cooking soul nourishing food. 
And requiring rest and time alone to recharge is actually something to embrace! 
So, mostly  I amuse myself with the stream of downloads and ideas.. Lots of big ideas. 
Not all do I have the energy to manifest.  Letting go of expectations (on myself and others) has created space for harmony and trust in divine timing. Less triggered, no burn out. 
Human design has given me permission to live this without guilt or shame or FOMO. I want this for the world badly.  

So, are you ready for fresh insights into what makes you tick  come alive?
When I give myself permission to address my depletion and take steps to recharge and refresh, boosting my energy and my emotional state, I trigger a powerful shift that places my heart and my mind within the highest possible alignment.

I want to be clear here. My days likely look a lot like yours. Chock full of the “real life” ups and downs that come with parenting two beautifully intense, high-needs children with a husband who shares my deep sense of ambition. I am right there with you, frequently scouring those “figure it all out moments” looking for the pause button, juggling life to try and not get stuck underneath it all.
What I have come to learn and teach through these touch-and-go moments is that simple resources, support and human connection can swiftly replenish the energy we are pouring out to the world around us. When we establish a supportive rhythm that drives and empowers our daily living, we feel more connected and joyful.

 RENEE is a loving wife and mom to two beautiful children. She is a holistic educator certified in RYT 500 hr therapeutic yoga, specializing in simple, sustainable rituals designed to help women nurture themselves and their loved ones within the flow of real, raw life. She is also a heart-centered doTERRA diamond leader, passionately educating and equipping others to effectively use essential oils to drive personal wellness. Renee is energized by the opportunity to guide breakthroughs in self-limiting beliefs so that the individuals she serves can claim a life by design.