Hi Soul Seeker!  

I’m Renee. 

I help you align your energy with human design.  

You CAN start embracing 

a life in sync, in bliss and 

bypass burnout.

You’ve got a healthy obsession for all things spiritual self development and feel truly lit up when life is feeling cosmically connected. Hence finding your way to this page.

OR you are wanting answers to why life is feeling blocked instead of abundantly in flow. 

You probably want a “sign” you are on YOUR path and living in sync with your body, your energy and your purpose. 

Well, good news is you followed your intuition to land here and that means you are open to new insights and re-alignment with the YOU you were born into earth school to be. 

Afterall you ARE a 1 in 8 billion expression of a miracle.

So, what is this Human Design you speak of? 

It is the blueprint and owners guide to YOU and your aura.  The energy field that communicates with other’s energy fields. 

Say whhaaat? 

I know. Sounds pretty out there at first. However, even a basic understanding of your human design chart will straight up amaze you with accuracy and validation.

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Our chart is an instant recognition and remembering of who we really are… not what the world has conditioned us to be or do.

And this image of your human design gives beautiful context to the once in a lifetime cosmic event that is YOU.

A word to the wise, at first you will NOT intuitively know what the heck you are looking at and could likely have a million questions.  Good news, you have a guide (moi) that can dive in and interpret the information.  

Planted in the details of your chart are deeply validating insights that evoke radical self-acceptance and living authentically- aligned with your design.   Navigating the world with this understand has great applications with important decision making, engaging in business interactions or how to parent our children by design.  It allows us to be more efficient with our energy and therefore bypass burnout. 

Bonus, you’ll be ready to answer the next level to the age old question  “What’s your Sign?” … now it is  “What’s your Design?” ;)

The details are our one-of-a-kind, soul signature imprinted to us at birth.  There are no two charts alike. And really getting this, letting it sink in... this is very empowering.
For more on what Human Design is…

What Human Design is not…

Not a personality test.. nor a strengths finder quiz (although tells the story of how you ARE in expression of personality and innate abilities).

Knowing your design gives us valuable awareness of what is out of sync.  Like, have had an “owner’s manual”, an inner guidebook to troubleshoot life all along! And our children, our partners do too..  

Not a psychic tool to predict the future...

Ok, I am curious and ready.  How do I get my chart? Simple as using a free online human design chart service or shoot me a message for help.

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