Choosing to take your first steps towards “well-th” can feel extravagant, luxurious and dare I say it, even a bit rebellious? Many of us are so ingrained with the false truth that we must sacrifice ourselves before all others that the idea of self-care feels desperately out of reach. Can I get an “Amen!” for “mom guilt,” anyone?

It’s time to give yourself permission to reach for what YOU need. Grab your oxygen mask, fill your cup first. It’s time to embrace the type of selfishness that empowers and equips us to more selflessly serve others.

Truth be told, I’ve always been a bit of a heart-centered rebel and helping you find your voice within this movement strikes a powerful chord deep within my soul. My intention is to show you, first hand, what is possible. To dissolve your excuses and obstacles so that your light can shine. It’s time to level up in treating yourself right.

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You are smart, a visionary woman and the  
world needs to hear your unrivalled, unwritten word.   
Your future story is a blank page, waiting to be
 filled with your dreams, discoveries,
aspirations and beautiful memories of a vibrant life.
I know that life may have veered down a different path than you once envisioned. You may be just getting by on an extra dose of grit, stretching yourself to the absolute limit just to survive. I get it. I’m right there with you. ME. TOO. I believe it’s time for us to ditch our familiarity with barely surviving to embrace a new reality of beautifully thriving. 
Do you wonder what’s possible, 
if only you’re willing to take the leap and make change?
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to start over? 
Let me tell you. YES. YES. YES. It’s possible. You can. How do I know this? Because I did it. I am doing it. Life is full of chaos, twists and turns. This is all about grace for the mess. And I want to both know and love your mess.

If you’re looking around this site, checking out my photos and thinking “Well of course it is easy for her to say,” than you’d be dead wrong. I’ll say it, loud and clear. I did NOT “wake up” this way. Nope. Did not. It’s been a long road of not-so-pretty moments. Years of unhealthy coping mechanisms, depression, isolation, addiction, financial strain (“Hi there, bankruptcy, I did not think we’d be meeting during my lifetime.”), feeling like an utter failure as a parent. Been there, done that, have the bumper sticker.

But here’s the thing...I have healed. I AM healing. We are rebuilding our family from the inside out. You feel me? And the most useful, gracious and merciful truth that I have discovered along the way? When I give myself permission to establish mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellness within my own soul, everything else begins to fall into place. We are all riding the wave of life, and have all taken a few tumbles along the way. My greatest passion and life’s purpose is to shine a light of hope and infinite possibility to help women just like you, just like me, to break through to the other side. 

Owning responsibility for our 
vitality as we journey through life is a choice.  
It is energizing to see a massive collective shift happening towards consciously more empowered living through rise in practices like yoga, essential oils and other holistic healing modalities. With good reason as incorporating simple (pleasurable) rituals do have lasting impact. More are understanding that a sustainably well, vibrant and well-nourished lifestyle is for all of us not just for “hippies” or alternate crowd. Our uber-fast paced culture is collectively facing the same challenges like overwhelm, burn out and depletion.  We are all riding the same wave. It’s more than finding “balance” know the mythical state that does NOT actually exist. It is realistic to live sustainably well with small investments of energy that that serve our greatest potential, our well-Nest and expands our light to others.

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