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Interview With My Daughter, My Greatest Teacher Ali Novello

< Talking about her experience with having ADHD the benefits and the struggles The challenge of mom life with all of the millions of decisions, outside noise and judgements from well meaning people and importance of listening to your own intuition. Nurturing our children as powerful individuals and how learning to meet their needs stretches us as ...

The Art of Setting Intentions with a Mom Brain

​ Why is this important? Intentions inspire hope! We learn to manage our energy not our time to unleash our fullest potential. Small shifts overtime create massive results. Mom's can easily slip into overwhelm and "survival" mode. What brings you JOY? What feeling are you attracting more of in 2019 and what feeling are you letting go of that no...

Recovery from Mom Brain Burnout

Protecting our energy from feeling depleted and burnt out. Shifting from being reactive to responsive. Importance of both movement and stillness. What is the Relaxation response? Activating the "Rest & Digest" system. Issues with false pleasures and perceived relaxation as "chilling out" vs deep nourishing rest.

What Will You Keep, What Will You Let Go?

​ Reflections on closing out 2018 with identifying what you will choose to keep and what you will let go of. Sharing my personal intentions on continuing to being present to nurture my kids. Embracing messy moments and letting "it" be ok. Cultivating my children's resilience to feel their own emotions. Consciously choosing the emotio...