Real (Self) Talk 🦄

I have been vocal that my personal theme of the summer is "operation alignment". Alignment with physical spinal correction (3x a week), alignment with how I express my energy and with whom.
And an overall evaluation of how I both digest life as well as expression of creativity and love coming through me. The crass but perfect mantra?

I will no longer shit in my aura. Not every strategy is for everyone.

Meaning I am renewed with a plan to honor myself with the keeping pace and taking actions in accordance to my unique rhythm. Taking the lead from the seasons and strategies that are meant for me.

What does an aura do and how do we stop polluting ours?

Our Aura is how we are designed to meet life. It is the electromagnetic frequency that gives life to your body, extending roughly two arm lengths in all directions!
It starts with insight into your unique auric blueprint. Then awareness of what we want and what we do NOT want.

This week on the podcast I am sharing my actions and activities to detox my own aura.

As I feel called to cultivate more tools and resources to share insights and understanding about our individualized strategies and strengths, would love to hear if you are curious to go deeper with me! 
Drop me a note here or over on IG @renee_novello

Til next time...sending peace!