Being in Sync with your Cycle: A #DoLess Book Takeaway

A powerful insight on your monthly cycle

If you're a busy mom (or woman) that is on the verge of burn out from the hustle, the podcast this week is for you. We dive into a mini review of a big take away from the book Do Less, by Kate Northrup.

The practical wisdom of her suggestions landed in my lap at just the right time and only feels right to pay it forward. Specifically tips on how to align with the distinct 4 phases of our monthly cycle for maximum productivity. As women, we really aren't taught this and it's so powerful

How is the transition to summer going for your kids and you?

I am celebrating the mom life win this week of TWO happy campers in the house. In the past this adjustment with getting them in camps or on board with nannies has been met with resistance.
Thankfully, both kids are involved in camps that light them up!

We mom's just want to meet their needs the best we can and when it works out for everyone it sure does feel like a sweet victory.

Do you have a (summer) mom life win this week? Do tell! I am sending a virtual high five!

In this podcast:
02:00 - Do you need alone time like me?
04:00 - Being very clear with yourself and with what you want
05:00 - Decluttering
12:00 - Mom moments: getting hurt on the job
14:00 - The book: Do Less
19:00 - The 40 hour work week
24:00 - The seasons and our energy levels, the 28 day cycle