What are you growing through?

Sharing highlights and take aways from an exciting trip to NYC celebrating my daughter's 13th birthday. Also, what this trip taught be about my need to control and tendency to criticize. Oh mom life... so humbling ;)

Talking through the path of pursuing growth and the resistance we WILL face.
Why to KEEP going if you are growing in your health, your livelihood, what you stand for and recognize that negative forces will be a part of the process.

Recognition that not everyone is putting in the inner work and are in those cheap seats trying to pull anyone doing something that they believe in back down to their level.

Opportunity to get excited and keep leaning in to highest expression of your SELF.

Get in the nature breaks to relieve the intensity and STAY in the process.

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"The more important an action is to our soul's evolution, the more resistance we will feel towards pursuing it"
Steven Pressfield