Summer Self-care Solutions For The Hot And Bothered 😅☀️🌻

I have a real practical podcast for you today.
I have been transitioning into this new season in the northern hemisphere towards summer.
In this podcast, I share with you tips on how to keep cool during the hot summer months.

06:00 - What is Yin Yoga and what is different with it?
08:00 - What are the meridians that co-relate to the summer season?
10:00 - What is the difference between Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga?
14:30 - Cooling tips
15:30 - Essential oils you can use for cooling
19:00 - How to cool down little ones
20:00 - A spray bottle with essential oils to cool you down
 21:00 - A foot bath that will make you feel refreshed