Fear, equanimity and a new healthy habits challenge program!

What is your response to feeling fear or do you avoid it?
Sharing how I feel fear constantly and how to use equanimity to approach those stressful moments.
Equanimity has been my personal "practice of the week ;)"

Keeping a heart that is ready for anything and mental calmness composure especially in challenging situations.

How do we process through sticky situations in our body?
What is required to feel our very best despite what is happening around us?

Enter the Healthy Habits 90 Day Challenge group. 
Making small changes daily will create lasting impact on our vitality and overall foundational wellness.
doTERRA is not just about essential oils!

We teach the a wellness lifestyle foundation that comprehensively covers:
  1. Nourishment with SMART supplementation of the highest quality whole food nutrients, infused with powerhouse essential oils and healthy fats.
  2. Movement and Exercise supported by natural energy and recovery aids
  3. Rest and Stress Management- my personal fave to teach and talk about!
    Our stress levels impact our overall wellbeing significantly. Teaching how to calm the nervous system from a state of overdrive and how to get quality/consistent sleep is my JAM . I love it and love to teach it :)

  4. Reducing Toxicity- this is HOT topic.. environmentally we are all exposed to harsh chemicals in our air, food, water- you name it. This unchecked can have grave consequences on our immunity, respiratory health, even predispose us to endocrine disruption and thyroid imbalances. We teach you how to simply detoxify your cells, your home and personal care products.
This FREE program is packed with content. Free ebooks, videos, self assessments and step by step guidance. 

The only thing you'll purchase are your products we are spotlighting. 

And they are affordably broken down over three months to the cost of a monthly massage or a daily Starbucks habit.

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