Perspectives on Travel & Inner Growth

Trips change us. 
Would you agree? The time spent in a new place with a unique rhythm different from our day to day leaves us different.

Where ( and what) we are resisting is brought out to be examined more clearly without distraction. The chance to be receptive on a whole new frequency.

The past week at the beach I tuned into my tightness and controlling behaviors to examine what is really going on there. How are these defaults making me FEEL? 
Yeah, there is always an accompanying physical manifestation from the root of low vibe behaviors.

The spring in general is a deep time of receiving. 
We are in a season of appreciating warmth, colorful flowers, verdant green and return of sweeter fresh foods.

Checking in on our healing, our growth and review what is truth for us.

Where are we receiving/feeding too much and what is leaking our energy?

Travel reveals this for us.