Time (energy) Management with a Mom Brain

Our time is a fixed asset- can’t make more of it. Our energy is a controllable variable that can be tended to and support our efforts.

How to dance with our time and energy given the unpredictability of a Mom Life? That is the question… distractions are guaranteed.

Good news! We can all become focused and clear with our time. Is it time for a new approach?

Start with a brief assessment of your individual experience of time.

What does your experience of time feel like? Spacious, freeing or more constricted, stuck in cycle of unproductivity?

Get clear on the “must do’s” FIRST. Calendar them to reveal what actual time you do have to play with and embrace.

Self care is a NON-negotiable. I have learned this lesson the hard way. Pushing through and working to depletion does not move your goals or growth further than taking rest breaks.

This is especially important for women and hormonal balance.

Approach time management from a perspective of honoring energy management. 
When do you naturally have most energy in the day? What circumstances promote the most high quality energy for your body and mind? Identify energy leaks and learn the power of saying no.
Break free of the epidemic of “busy” and feel into thinking of your life as FULL!

Need support with your own time and energy management? We might be a good fit for coaching program. You’ll identify your time “blocks” and learn to dance with time while being present with the most important people in your life.