Perspective and Strategy for Survival of Strong Willed Kids

"Raising Strong Willed Fighters will Make You one Too"

Sharing on my personal power struggles and how this can feel isolating - especially with the "perfect child" highlight reel on social media.

Before talking strategy, try on perspective of active empathy to really identify with how they feel and why there is a struggle happening in the first place.

-No one likes to be told what to do- not children or adults

-Deep desire there for independence and to be in charge- this is a GOOD thing

-They have a strong need to be right... which I can totally relate to ;)

Two Strategies for Mom Life with Spirited Ones
  • Surrender with Empathy
    In addition to the points above, pay attention to slowing down to put yourself in their shoes. Soften and relax your own need for control when you can. This alone will surprise you as we often are engaging in the power struggle just as much as they are.

  • Renew your body, mind and spirit OFTEN
    Circle ad star this point. Truth is we cannot control anyone else - not our kids or ANYONE. We can control our reaction. And we can choose to respond instead of react.

Nourish you body with self care, food and movement to encourage renewal of your mind. Renew your mind with positive INPUT. Lighten up and laugh not accepting the attempts to engage with confrontation.

Renewal of surrendering your child to spirit, god or your creator - acknowledge in quiet mindful moment that you are challenged and although you are grateful for these beings it is ALOT. Pray for their highest good and support to guide them.

Last and most importantly... you are your child's guide... not their hero.

As I heard from one of my amazing coaches Jackie Paige this weekend, "You can not be the Hero in someone else's story."

Yes, this includes our own children's story.