Episode 12: Miracle Moments & What's EXCITING me MOST 🙌

Checking in from my heart on our inner critic and how that voice of "not enough" can creep in. 

Even more challenging to see this to see our children experience this feeling. When does being hard on yourself creep in?

Sharing on a "miracle moment" of connection that brought profound healing and sense of wonder to my life.

After playing a small part in connecting mother in law with the now grown woman she gave up for adoption in the 1960's, 
and witnessing their opportunity for closure I have a renewed belief in life happening for us not to us.

Life is not simple nor black and white but it is happening for us to become who we are meant to be- Tony Robbins.

This once in a lifetime event made me stop in my tracks and ponder the unlimitedness of all of connection.

Reminder of "oneness" and that all disagreements, conflict, that we are separate are false.

What a time to be alive and present for healing.

And an update on a return of LIVE essential oil education classes!

New more interactive format- less me talking ;)more hands on!

Check the events tab for details on 2 upcoming classes: Friday March 29 and Sunday March 31