My MOST valuable takeaways from parenting with Love and Logic

An area of opportunity for growth in my life is parenting skills . I have found the love & logic approach to be of great value especially with strong willed kids that defy basic parenting 101 strategies.
I am happily giving all the cliff notes on today's podcast, to serve another mom like me who is looking for strategies to help things go smoother at home.
As women, we are natural creators and we do need other women to help us visualize possibilities!
Love and Logic, starts with a foundation of empathy for the child who has made a mistake and delivers natural consequences in a grounded manner.
This parenting style challenges us to rise above the old tired programming that punishment is the only way to teach a child. A person that learns to own their problem teaches logical consequence as mirrored in the "real" world.
It's finding this "middle path" with parenting- as a coach rather a helicopter or dictator that fosters connection and reduces tension.
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