Harnessing the Power of (mother's) Intuition

Learning to trust your gut is a SUPER power.

Leaning into a knowing or a message repeatedly showing up is inner wisdom that helps us navigate 
the multitude of decisions and action we take on our child's behalf.

Scientific evidence shows our children's DNA is actually present in our mom brains long after delivering them into the world!

Types of maternal intuition that we use automatically with our children:

Problem Solving / Social / Creative / Moral

How to strengthen our intuitive muscle and learn to trust our gut instincts:

1. Awareness of gut/brain connection to our health and feeling clear headed
2. Deep Belly Breathing to calm the "thinking" mind
3. Activate our Bodies through movement or exercise
4. Get Still. It's difficult to pour intuition into a moving object
5. Be open to repeating messages or themes

"There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen"