Curious to use Essential Oils: What to Know First

Oh mama , the buzz and popularity of using essential oils are hard to miss. Seems like everyone knows someone who loves their essential oils routine and is experiencing the benefits from this pleasurable, easy-to-use natural solution. It’s not a trend that will be going anywhere, and if you’re considering using essential oils i...

Empowering kids (for their sake and yours)

RELIEF isn’t a strong enough word for it. When the fog lifts from over 2 years of serious severe sleep deprivation- it more like drop to your knees in tears of gratitude than just eh relief. Maybe you’ve even experienced this special interruption to your own life at some point. Night after night of being jolted awake every couple hours (if it&rsq...

Take a comfortable seat.

If you’ve been to a yoga class ever, then it’s likely you’ve been encouraged to politely “take a comfortable seat”. I’ve offered that instruction often times while leading a yoga class and sometimes it can feel a bit forced. Let’s be honest, for everyone even the most practiced “sitter” there are days th...

Relaxation Rituals

If you asked me what my favorite relaxation activity is, it would for sure involve a self nourishing practice like a warm bath, restorative yoga or a visit to someone else’s healing hands. These practices ease the never-ending sticky accumulation of stress that builds up just from living our full lives. For me it’s been a steady climb with goals...

Sleepytime Rituals: How to Get a Great Night’s Sleep

The chaos of the day often has us counting down the minutes until bedtime. Yet when our head finally hits the pillow, many of us struggle to fall into a peaceful, natural sleep – tossing and turning even as we yawn in frustrated exhaustion. Getting a good night’s sleep is imperative to our physical, mental and spiritual health. Why is it so h...

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