Slow Down to Speed Up

I’ve fought with the summer season before, seriously tempted to keep pushing forward despite feeling a pull to naturally slow down. Why? I plain ol love to get s*** done. This creative illustration on the “10 images that perfectly sum up what it means to be ‘Type A’ ” made me giggle and snark with resonance. This my ideal. In...

Aligning Vibration with Goals

There are times when we ask “why is it taking SO long to get what I want?” For sure, frustrations happen to all that are in the process of a worthy pursuit. We (I) can easily feel impatient or doubtful along the way to where we have our sights set on going. It is like we are being tested at times and the universe (or friend or mentor) is answeri...

The courage to do IT anyways

I am a work in progress, not by any means a expert on the topic of courage. Just someone that is learning moment to moment with the intention of living to my fullest potential and a significant part of that is accepting that fear comes along with the territory. It seems like almost everyday I’m faced with doing something that scares me. Fear is there ...

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