That Calm Mom

I have become quite the self compassion enthusiast in recent years. This was the result of what seemed like a s l o w process over the course of my life to learn a simple truth: being compassionate to yourself is always the right answer. I was really experienced with seeking others compassion but being that source for myself? Not so much...

What to Nurture, What to Set Free

Ah the New Year… an auspicious time shared around the world for reflection and new beginnings. Flipping the calendar to a fresh clean 365 days open with possibility is truly invigorating to the soul. The feelings that come along with it give us renewed hope that we WILL realize important dreams and goals. The process of reflection and intention se...

A Calm Christmas

A Calm Christmas? Say WHAAA?! I admit it. I’m right there with you. At first glance, the notion of creating and enjoying a calm Christmas may feel unrealistic, unobtainable and simply put, out of reach. I get it. I really do. I often struggle with existing in more chaos than calm. Can I get an “Amen?!” Are you with me? I also know, ...

Surviving Sleep Deprivation

On more than one occasion the fatigue of mom life has taken me down. Literally down to the floor. I remember vividly the pain of a sleep-deprived meltdown. Crossing over the threshold where the seemingly endless cycles being awakened on repeat, no longer becomes manageable. To feel so achingly tired and mentally dull for l-o-n-g periods of time had gotte...

5 Tips for Transformation: Truths Learned on a Journey From Bankruptcy to Living Life by Design

Just a few years ago, my husband and I were facing challenging consequences from bankruptcy. It was a harsh reality and a result of delusional decision making and a series of unfortunate events. We had bought a house in an impulsive haze of postpartum blues that I was believing would make me whole. We did not fully consider the weight of th...

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