Satisfying the Senses for Seasonal Wellbeing

Engaging our senses is a meaningful way to drop into the moment and savor all those the holiday “feels”. My personal go-to ways of holding home and slowing down to give the present of presence: Seasonal Diffusing Set the atmosphere with diffusing doTERRA essential oils that resonate with the season. A few of my favorites: Holiday Peace blend, Tangerine +...

Spring Relief

​ Really Spring?! You break my heart. Waiting, FREEZING through the longest winter ever with so many fits and starts we finally feel your warmth and see the flourish happening all around. So, what gives with feeling fed-up over those irritations specific to this lovely time of the year? Despite surviving the longest winter ever, I overhear A LOT of us ar...

It’s hot, don’t be bothered.

It’s hereeeee….SUMMERTIME! As we moved through the solstice earlier in the week, the shift in seasons could be felt immediately around these parts. The temperatures have been high and days long, lots of exciting opportunity to be out and about-generally on the go. As much as I do appreciate the warmth, the heat can go to my head-literally. I no...

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