Mental Health Habits

May is mental health awareness month. 
This is one topic of concern that touches all of our lives everyday.

I support the open and honest sharing happening out there about how overwhelm or sadness or anxiety for sustained periods impacts themselves OR a child OR a parent...spouse or friend. It’s a powerful and really good to see wave of awareness happening.

We sure are ALL in this one together and a movement shifting towards hope and less judgement.

I have shared here and there what changes worked & some that didn't during my own period of exhaustive depletion and anxious tendencies.
And you probably gathered from my podcast dialogue, that I have gone on to address specific areas that have been a challenge for our children (therefore us too).
So I own being passionate about how to make new healthy habits stick.

(Bonus I get a hit of those feel good chemicals every time another weary soldier battling with life reaches out with “ok ,I’m ready. What did you do?”)
And YES I totally acknowledge that it can be uncomfortable to make a change even if it sounds like a good idea for your overall well being.
I get it.

That is why I have created a Healthy Habits group starting up May 15th. I started with doTERRA in the dark ages (lol) and we didnt have this sort of education and guidance right at our fingertips and for free!
We got you covered with this self guided, low pressure but high support healthy habits group.

Step by step on where to start with essential oils and and the specific few core supplements for lifting the brain fog, appropriate energy levels, and rock solid immunity.

Addressing gut health and cellular vitality, we will get things going in the right direction and you will be noticing the positive impact on mood as a side benefit.
We will start off with a brief check individual assessment of your unique wellness structure as IS and then learn how to kick the tires on using essential oils in a concentrated period of time.
It will be digestible - pun intended.

You will know where to start and adopt core habits to carry on with in the future even possibly helping another do the same - hey isn’t it true when we feel something that was a bit or more of a burden SHIFT into improvement it’s a celebration-we might want to share.

Smaller shifts with simple foundational basics are the best for anchoring in the new.

Taking action with the wellness basics and these top 3 mental health tips will no doubt lighten us up and lift our spirits.

  1. Brain Dump Feelings - get it all out on paper or in some purging non harming way. What is coming up for you? What is hard?
  2. Thought Selection - choose your thoughts carefully- this is TRICKY and take practice. Realize ALL thoughts are optional.
  3. Get around shiny people that LIFT and LIGHT you up! Look, not everyone is doing their inner work out there. Trust your perceptions and honor the highest quality relationships you can find.
This is also another reason I love doTERRA wellness community not only an infinite source of friendships with people that vibe high and we know meaningful relationships are an indicator of mental health especially as we grow older. Got to have that tribe!

Ok, then! Get yourself into the free healthy habits group - sign up here or got questions?

Send anything my way at