Self Care Travel Tips for Sensitive Systems

Does travel upset your system? 

I have come to acknowledge that certain foods, travel circumstances and the overstimulation of new places, new people unchecked can show up as physical discomfort for my sensitive system?  
Ranging from digestive upset to head/neck tension, anxious feelings and fatigue. And none of this a welcomed part of a vacation plan!
The truth is the unknown of travel excitement can be a trigger for us more sensitive types.

It has taken most of my life to honor myself, how I can be impacted by travel and what to do about it.

I learned sometimes the harder way that trying to fit in with consumption of whatever “fun” vacation foods and libations was a fast track to low mood and misery. I simply could not tolerate the oils found in fried food or process sugar or alcohol in a way that didn’t leave me feeling pretty wrecked. 

Accepting all the parts of ourselves fully is the work of a lifetime- literally! 

After one too many “bad trips”, I was deeply motivated to find out what was going on with my unique chemistry and what would be supportive options to properly prepare and react if need be. 

This is about learning my own “signature” self care both at home and on the road is worth exploring and paying attention to.

That which promotes travel tranquility for me is specifically:

Transition Time
Pad the trip with downtime. For me this is time alone in pajamas fully prepared to fall asleep if need be. Now, clearly my kids are older, more self sufficient and the hubs is supportive of these times and gives me space to recalibrate.  I clearly remember how the promise of vacation as a family with little kids actually meant same workload if not more and a strange place children don’t always sleep in. 

Road Food
Pre planning specific restaurants or preferably grocery store to have a stock of snacks and sustenance is key. Also, anticipating any long travel stretches that would benefit from preparing protein and a little extra glucose as well as massive hydration. I never leave home without a stockpile of filtered drinking water for everyone in re-usable water bottles. And this of course helps to eliminate the extra plastic bottle purchases that can come along with travel.

Travel Medicine 
Don’t mess with mama’s medicine cabinet! I bring a full stash of supplements and several (ok a small suitcase) of essential oils I don’t want to be caught with germy hotel rooms, tummy aches, motion sickness or anxious feelings without. I also bring my diffuser.
I am so passionate about helping pack up the oils for the road that I am putting together an online fb class demonstrating how easy it is to have a summer travel survival kit!

These tips are good for ANYONE. However, my friends that absorb new different environments differently a few minor shifts can make assimilating into an empowering experience.