Curious to use Essential Oils: What to Know First

Oh mama, the buzz and popularity of using essential oils are hard to miss.  

Seems like everyone knows someone who loves their essential oils routine and is experiencing the benefits from this pleasurable, easy-to-use natural solution.

It’s not a trend that will be going anywhere, and if you’re considering using essential oils in your home, in my experience here is what to know BEFORE you go for the EO’s...

A few short years ago, I was a new mom for the second time and found an increasing sensitivity to using traditional chemical-based cleaning products and OTC medicines. 

This was initially just a mama “knowing” and then solid research on the EWG (Environmental Working Group) confirmed all the risks I suspected with inhaling or ingesting synthetics. 

Once I knew better, I wanted to do better.

I became instantly energized to start my family on a new path towards less toxic living. 

I starting experimenting with holistic alternatives in a few areas, like over the counter remedies for the common issues that come up with children and babies. 

This felt overwhelming. 

Where do I begin?
What will be effective and SAFE?

What was recommended at the health food store was getting just okay results, difficult to administer (my kids are generally “selectively cooperative ” with my ideas), and often expensive.

The store-bought natural cleaning products? They were just ok. And the “natural” fragrance was often synthetic, “made in a lab” essential oil which lacked potency and purity.

If you are considering getting started with oils for a therapeutic benefit, here is what you need to know BEFORE you begin. These are my tips for beginners that make the most difference from an “eh” didn’t really notice anything to a potentially negative side effect.

Quality Matters
doTERRA oils have been researched and proven to behave very differently in the body. [Research Dr. Jeffery  Talbot,  Roseman  University]

With increasing popularity over the past few years, essential oils are at significant risk for adulteration. 

There is no regulation, transparency, or commitment to purity in the essential oil industry at large. This is not a health product to “bargain” shop. 

There are many reasons I aligned with doTERRA as a customer and an advocate.

Their unprecedented commitment to quality assurance, 3rd party testing [APRC] and transparency is the gold standard in the essential oil industry.

96% of all doTERRA’s essential oils are proprietary to them. They do not use middlemen brokers or big agricultural farming. doTERRA works on the ground with small farmers through an extensive international network called co-impact sourcing. 

Why Use doTERRA?
Using essential oils is a choice and it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by where to start with incorporating them into your lifestyle. 

This is the reason doTERRA does not sell their oils on stores’ shelves. By design, you can choose an advocate that can best support you with education and connect you to a community that shares testimonies and best practices. In short, you get experienced, real people to support your new healthy habit!

It is fulfilling to be aligned with like-minded individuals who are intentional about taking their health to the next level. 

Beginner’s Tips for Getting started with using essential oils:
Start somewhere.
Don’t fall into overwhelm by trying to change everything all at once! 

Decide which area of your wellbeing you’d like to essential oils to enhance MOST first: 

  • Nutrition: essential macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals for energy
  • Exercise & Mental Wellbeing
  • Sleep & Stress Management
  • Reducing Toxic Load: replacing chemical self-care and cleaning products 
  • Self Care: this is where the daily use of essential oils really shine, as a complement to modern medicine. 

Essential oils can support the proper function of different body systems on a daily basis, address minor blemishes, support feelings of clear breathing, protect against environmental threats, and more.

  • Establish the habit. 

Don’t quit too early. Immediate gratification and benefit will be experienced but to effect lasting change and cellular support, it is necessary to commit to a plan of consistent use over time. Just like going to the gym once or with other health habits it takes consistency. 

  • Too little or excessive use. 

The oils work synergistically with our bodies on a cellular level. In addition to guidelines, find the optimal amount for the desired response. 

More is not always better and dilution with a carrier oil will create a time release effect as when using neat the molecules can “flash” off quickly. 

  • Keep your oil stash visible. 

Store your oils in areas near where you have already anchored in routines like your bedside, bathroom sink, kitchen, and next to your front door or mudroom. 

This will serve as a visual reminder to use your oils while living life and establish the new habit

Essential oils are a dynamically beneficial natural health solution.
With consistency and a little support, you’ll soon be wondering what did I do before this? :)

I created custom essential oil kits for :