What to Nurture, What to Set Free

Ah the New Year… an auspicious time shared around the world for reflection and new beginnings.

Flipping the calendar to a fresh clean 365 days open with possibility is truly invigorating to the soul. The feelings that come along with it give us renewed hope that we WILL realize important dreams and goals.

The process of reflection and intention setting can be easy rather than a big deal or commitment of time.

I personally like to keep it super simple. I have a mom life and a mom brain which means carrying around loads of details for other people. So I am all about the low commitment, high impact.

My process is intuitive and elevates us with keeping an open heart to receive.

And I can’t get behind resolutions. Deciding to limit or take away comes from a lack mindset.

Planting intentions feels abundant!

Get the body moving to open up our energy channels.

Settle into stillness and catch a breath.

Get out all the mind stuff and thought chatter on paper.

From there practice basic discernment, what to keep and what has got to go.

Identifying the feelings you are choosing to water and nurture. These are the seeds we are planting in our mind. Trust they will come to harvest!

Set free ideas and thoughts that are holding us back. These are the weeds we are pulling up that will no longer allow to overtake the garden of our mind.

The most potent nourishment for our intentions is hearing our own voice speak these statements into existence.

If you are serious about making changes, it has got to come from within you. Through your voice claiming it.

Place your hand over your throat chakra and in a positive present tense claim your intention.
Infuse it with your belief! Now.. record this on your phone and replay it every night before you go to sleep. This is will seep into your subconscious and reep manifestation.

It’s a powerful practice that let’s the Universe know what you are up to. Speaking our goals/intentions is a boss move. It’s not enough to keep our deepest desires all to ourselves in our minds.

Many will be doing a variation of this in January, and many will stop doing this in January.

Continuing the ritual of these practices-as daily as possible is what really puts the manifestation into motion.  

Apply the same method of movement, stillness and reflection.

This is the power practice that can be done in 20 minutes . Get the movement in 5-10 minutes, take a seat and breath 5 minutes, then rumble with the mind 5-10 minutes.

Protecting a little space for daily reflection keeps us current and anchored into what we want to keep and what will are choosing to let go of.

If you’d like to go through the practice with a group, join me over in That Mom Life fb group for our live session on Setting Intentions with a Mom Brain!

With heart,

If you haven't yet, you can Grab my New Year Intention Guide HERE