That Calm Mom

I have become quite the self compassion enthusiast in recent years.

This was the result of what seemed like a  s l o w  process over the course of my life to learn a simple truth: being compassionate to yourself is always the right answer.

I was really experienced with seeking others compassion but being that source for myself? 

Not so much.

And the eventual realization this was an option felt like sweet relief. I remember as a younger woman allowing my peace, my attitude to be disturbed by just about every outside force.

My inner critic voice was loud and proud.

Once I had a process to be more conscious and attuned to what I was feeling, it was more accessible.

This is one of the many things motherhood has taught me about myself.

When life is on a another level hectic and you don’t show yourself unconditional support misery sets in pretty quickly.

Isn’t it an interesting human phenomenon that it is WAY harder to show ourselves the love and empathy than we would extend to practically any other person?

It is a natural tendency for most to pass harsh critical judgements about ourselves.

Especially mothers. We are feel guilty. We worry. It’s kind of our thing.

Learning how to temper life intensity with activating the relaxation response even briefly is a game changer.

I didn’t know how MUCH I needed to learn how to relax and let it GO.

And the ability to access self compassion is a direct result of feeling calm and receptive.

Tuning in and softening in became a part of my life.

Leaning into simple rituals that would create space to start and end my day in a calm headspace is a massive source of good feels.

I protect a few minutes for these daily anchors that I rely on to thrive and bring out my sparkly side.

The only set up required for a letting go session is a quiet environment where you can be comfortable and a passive receptive attitude of “ releasing control”.

Are you considering identifying with more self compassion and giving your family a “calm” mom?

Try this…

Create a cozy corner or keep a yoga mat rolled out just for you to drop in and check in.

Accessibility is important… If it takes another step to make a spot or find the mat the moment of opportunity could easily pass as a child is now awake or a distraction derails your best intentions.

Grab an essential oil from the doTERRA box that matches with your energy level. Rely on your intuition.

Either sitting up right or lying down with feet planted and knees up, place your hands on belly to feel the rise and fall of your breathing. 

Stay with following the breath for as long as you are able to stay present.

Notice where you feel tight or any pain… without judging or attaching a story. 

Remember... passive attitude.

At the end of your check in, write down anything that came through as insights or realizations.

Self reflections are a powerful way to continue to process these sessions and cultivate our self awareness.

Take this practice to another relaxation level in an epsom salty water bath at the end of the day or during times of more heavy depletion.

The bathtub is my go to place for accessing self compassion, connection and processing!