Satisfying the Senses for Seasonal Wellbeing

Engaging our senses is a meaningful way to drop into the moment and savor all those the holiday “feels”.

My personal go-to ways of holding home and slowing down to give the present of presence:

Seasonal Diffusing
Set the atmosphere with diffusing doTERRA essential oils that resonate with the season. A few of my favorites: Holiday Peace blend, Tangerine + Douglas Fir, or the “protective blend” OnGuard with Cinnamon, Clove and familiar smells of Christmas with immunity boosting protection from harmful pathogens.

Hit the Reset Button
Simplest suggestion ever... but it totally works!
Take a walk around the block or in nature noticing the gift of natural beauty while taking fresh air into our lungs clears our head and refreshes our spirits.

Easy on the Eyes
As the shorter days give way to darkness light your gathering spaces with warm soft glow of candles (faux candles have even come a long way!), white twinkle lights or salt lamps. This simple switches from the harsh fluorescent lighting helps to encourage natural melatonin production and regulating brain activity that signals a calm down. 

A Soft Place to Land
A cozy corner or leaving an outstretched yoga mat can invite us to drop into our bodies and stretch. There is calming magic in moments when we allow ourselves to roll around and stretch into our body gloves. Think of how natural this is for babies and kids. We grow stiffer and less energy flows from being stuck in sitting in chairs or cars. It may be not be our natural instinct or initially comfortable to sit on floor but there are profound benefits.  

Music n Meditations 
There is NOTHING that combats crankiness (mine or my kids;) quicker than music. There are literally endless options and with online radio options readily available. We all have created playlists that spark our joy. My kids have some pretty entertaining selections on theirs. Music is a powerful nurturing tool!  

Having guided meditations in my ears to settle down and drop in is a mindfulness hack. I often hear and relate to how challenging it is to “sit still”. Guided meditations (search for free options or app downloads) help us get out of our own way and offer intentional ways to align with our inner guidance. 

All the prep is done and time to let it all go. We planned, prepped and did our very best to create holiday magic for loved ones. 

Let’s take a collective deep releasing breath and soften into the space this week creates for us to experience our blissed out best.