Surviving Sleep Deprivation

On more than one occasion the fatigue of mom life has taken me down.

Literally down to the floor.

I remember vividly the pain of a sleep-deprived  meltdown. Crossing over the threshold where the seemingly endless cycles being awakened on repeat, no longer becomes manageable.

To feel so achingly tired and mentally dull for l-o-n-g periods of time had gotten on top of me.

The pure frustration of the situation overtook me. As I laid l on the floor in a primal overtired toddler manner, flailing and crying desperately  for something to give. 

My husband witnessing trying to offer support with consoling words that couldn’t even take the edge off. 

My over adrenalized body and barely functioning brain had surrendered to the experience moving through me. 

It was a real raw mom life moment. 

This special form of torture that is sleep deprivation had set in over the course of being jolted awake every time you  slip into the sweet sleep state you crave so badly.  

For two years, I suffered sleep deprivation and exhaustion with my  second child, and the first had been  just as intense (hence the 5 ½ year age gap).  

My husband and I were banded together to survive this. To FIX it. 

We hired a sleep coach, dedicated ourselves to sleep training, co-sleeping (husband sleeping in spare bedroom stents for long periods of time), bedtime routines… you name it. 

We found the most relief with time passing (I know that isn’t the magic pill you might have hoped for) and incorporating doTERRA essential oils into his bedtime routine.

I was introduced to doTERRA right before his second birthday and it helped us to anchor into longer stretches of sleep which felt significant at that time.

We used to apply a drop or 2 of calming essential oils like Serenity, Lavender or Roman Chamomile to his blankie tag, bathwater, massage. 

The aromatherapy diffuser set up with a combination of Breathe and Lavender creates a nice sleeping environment. 

I also found the foundational support that I so desperately needed to  feel...well human again. 

Diffusing oils like Wild Orange, Bergamot and Peppermint for energy and mental clarity 

My energy reserves increased through adding doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Supplements to my daily wellness regime. 

This was a biggie. I was SO skeptical of taking “vitamins” initially. 

The Lifelong Vitality supplements behave quite differently than previous vitamins I’ve tried, that were  obviously “peed out” rather than absorbed. 

These have  optimal absorption, formulation, and with the benefit of powerhouse essential oils like Frankincense added, to creates a balanced alert feeling. 

Massaging oils with calming constituents like Copaiba and Balance over the heart and on the feet bring the overtired body back into homeostasis.

If the pain of sleep deprivation is your life at the moment, I feel you and know how hard it is to endure. Here’s what I would tell you if you were sitting in my living room with me right now…

Don’t be a hero. 

Lie down as often as you can. 

Close your eyes and breathe into your belly.  

Give yourself a TON of grace right now. 

Hand that child over to a friend or family member to recharge your battery.

It’s so HARD. And you will get to the other side with badass mom grit to show for it.  

Maybe you’ll be kinder to yourself for being forced to slow down and survive. 

You got this. 

Ain’t no hood like motherhood.