Spring Relief

Really Spring?!
You break my heart. Waiting, FREEZING through the longest winter ever with so many fits and starts we finally feel your warmth and see the flourish happening all around.  So, what gives with feeling fed-up over those irritations specific to this lovely time of the year?

Despite surviving the longest winter ever, I overhear A LOT of us are feeling serious irritation rising up with every pollen induced sneeze OR the more internalized heighten need to CONTROL – push forward and make some sh** happen. Oh wait that’s every season for me… which is why I’m probably feeling extra sensitive to that emotion this time of year!

There is a reason for feeling collectively challenged in this beauty of a season…

Your Wood Element may need a tune up. If this is the first time you have ever considered your emotions, your body, well, YOU are deeply connected to the energy of each season, and if you definitely did not think you had a wood element thus already think this is crazy talk, let’s start there…
In the Five Elements theory of Chinese Medicine, each season of the year is accompanied by an element that connects us, via specific meridians or lines of energy in the body to the world around us, like so:

Winter- Water (Kidneys/Bladder)
Spring-Wood (Liver/Gallbladder)
Summer- Fire (Heart/Small Intestine)
Late Summer/Early Fall- Earth (Spleen/Stomach)
Late Fall/Early Winter- Metal (Lungs/Colon)

When our qi aka chi is blocked, depleted or in excess along the meridians that correlate to the Wood phase time of year, it is common to experience more irritation and frustration. These rising emotions are only exacerbated by preexisting seasonal threats and can intensify those symptoms with extra tension. When we gently pay attention to energy flow in the Liver and Gallbladder meridian, we have increased capacity for compassion to both self and others. Yin yoga positions can be hand-selected to support energy flowing through lines seasonally.

I know. It’s all making sense…

The premise in therapeutic yin yoga to take the approximate shape of the pose, feel and be with sensation while turning our attention inward to the rise and fall of breath. These postures are not restorative meaning body is completed relaxed and supported in comfort, there is sensation in yin postures. With practice, turning inward to a more grounded, mindful state rooted in deep breaths will be an extra benefit to these restoring postures.

This latest, Spring go-to posture is a yin/restorative hybrid and is best experienced with, of course, the seasonally appropriate essential oils to balance the furious glory of Spring. This posture releases the internal heat that is already starting to build and calms both internal and external irritations.
Reclined Butterfly Pose with Chilled Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint Washcloth
Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint essential oils offer sweet relief from seasonal threats.
Lavender is soothing/ Lemon is uplifting  / Peppermint is supports easy breathing

1. Dab a few drops along a damp washcloth, fold and chill in refrigerator for about an hour. (Fair warning..if they get too cold- there will be brain freeze!)
2. Lie back over a bolster (or without), keeping feet together, knees apart and muscles relaxed. May be nice to prop under your knees with a folded blanket.  Arms released out at your sides.  Front of the body open, eyes closed.
3. Rest the chilled washcloth on forehead (do not get oil directly in your eye now or ever) to relieve tension behind the eyes, soothe head aches.
4. Spend 5-15 minutes here to experience less stress and induce calm. Gently remind yourself to focus on breath, perhaps counting inhales & exhales.
5. Thank yourself.

With heart,