Empowering kids (for their sake and yours)

RELIEF isn’t a strong enough word for it. When the fog lifts from over 2 years of serious severe sleep deprivation- it more like drop to your knees in tears of gratitude than just eh relief. Maybe you’ve even experienced this special interruption to your own life at some point. Night after night of being jolted awake every couple hours (if it’s a good night, if not, you’re just awake praying for miracles) of sweet, life preserving sleep. Living with this degree of (sleep) torture is humbling and you get to know your own depths of crazy. After a seriously long road, my second FINALLY started sleeping longer than 1-3hr stretches (nope, not a typo) at NIGHT in the month of his 2nd birthday.
As it goes with challenges, the bigger the struggle the bigger the victory and this is the very story that began my passion to help others that are “stuck” and how YOU can make the shift from desperation to empowerment.

I vividly remember my doubt (and the accompanying eye roll), that using essential oils would make any difference, yes I was snarky irritable as that moment in the life. Had no idea oils did anything other than smell nice. Seriously would adding calming oils like Lavender & Roman Chamomile to our bedtime routine would make any notable difference?  It was recommended by the kind person that shared this suggestion, that we consistently apply a few concentration drops (diluted with another carrier oil) to the bottom of his feet or in a gentle massage after bath time.  So, being pretty much open to anything (legal) at this point , we followed along.
Now, NO he did not start sleeping 8hrs a night immediately- BUT he did start to sleep much longer spans of 4hr to even 6hr stretches. The transition to more consistent sleep was a major milestone. And it was amazing and thankfully, it wasn’t a fluke.

We consistently began to create this new positive association around bedtime and that is when I  got my life back. Well, sort of… but I could function enough to address the unraveling of my own preexisting anxiety issues with the oils as well.

The reason this was not a fluke is based on a physiological response to the specific calming chemical constituents of in the oils profile. Breathing in the aromatic compounds of an essential oil, positively impacts the limbic system which is directly connected to the parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and hormone balance. In these ways, high quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils can have profound physiological and psychological effects. Our sense of smell is the only one of the five senses directly linked to the limbic lobe of the brain, our emotional control center. The release of hormones positively temper our fight or flight response, as well as digestion and heart rate. That is one of the reasons why essential oils can affect us in profound ways beyond smelling nice.

Fast forward to present day, each kid has gravitated to 3-4 oils that they ask for (or we offer to them) to deal with what is going on in their world. My son will tell you if asked that his favorite oils are “wild oronge, laaavender and baaalance”. I can also attest that Frankincense mixed with Wild Orange often will arrest toddler hysteria.  My older daughter recognizes that breathing in Frankincense is a healthy coping mechanism for her to better deal with “heightened” emotions the same ones make me shudder to think about living with her as a teenager.  As her mom, it is a relief to see her internal tension visibly subsides in a way that she can safely and easily cultivate.

My son came up with on his own a creative way to take his oils aromatically. Meet “taggie moe moe” aka his blanket tag. He started asking us to dab the oil of his choice on taggie and this has done something amazing…. he naturally starts deepen his breath taking in the aroma of his scented tag along with learning to connect to his breath. This calm induced state is natural to us.  He has created for himself a calming mechanism that on most days gets him down for a nap and sleeping a full night.

Developing healthy coping mechanisms (because we all need them) that deepens the connection with breath and elicits the relaxation response will be empowering and serve them throughout life.

With heart,